What’s your #1 silent health killer?
Do you know what your “#1 silent health killer” is? Or what type of wellness treatments and programs are right for you?


Fasting For HealthAt the Sedona Wellness Retreat we find that many of the concerns and health challenges that people have can improve and go away. One of the many retreat programs that we offer is fasting.

There are numerous reasons why people are choosing to fast for health. For many, taking the decision to fast comes from the feeling of needing a reboot of the system, or a cleanse, or the need to shift a few pounds. Associated symptoms may be Constipation, Diarrhea and bloating. There may be un-identified food allergies causing digestive issues. Some claim their skin has flare-ups of acne and inflammation, or that they constantly suffer fatigue and brain fog. Others are stressed, depressed or lacking in sleep, so they turn to fasting to realign their mental state.

There are a lot of common cleansing mistakes and pitfalls. So it is not recommended to go through an extended fast on your own at home. Plus doing this at home there are a lot of challenges such as interruptions, not relaxing, easy access to foods, family to deal with as well as no supervision. The loss of will power is hard to stay strong and people generally stop their fast early and don't get a good reset that they are looking for.

Whichever the reason, fasting has numerous benefits, such as disease prevention, better focus, prolonging life, anti-aging. Fasting also lowers blood sugar, improves the appearance of your skin and better control of your blood sugar. High blood pressure- fasting can reverse heart disease and lower your blood pressure.

Fasting allows time for your cells to regenerate- not only using your fat for fuel but also targeting older tissue to use when in survival mode. In our modern lifestyles, too many have diets high in refined sugar, carbs, alcohol, meat, dairy, and fried foods which have inflammatory properties. Eliminating these during a fast, can allow the body to respond to, and combat free-radicals and toxins.

The longer you’re able to fast, the greater the opportunity your body has to reset, heal and cleanse itself. So if you are planning a longer fast, do so under professional supervision.

Feel free speak to our wellness team who will be able to help you to find the program that is perfect for you - call us on 928.239.4589 or email: info@cleansecenter.com.



Our Clinical Therapeutics The clinical approach consists of detoxifying and nourishing the body, the mind and the heart. The most elegant approach is based on fasting and nutritional therapy. Fasting on water or juices or a raw food diet is the most radical and the most efficient way to treat and prevent most illness. The nutritional therapy is a stepping stone to address mental, emotional and spiritual issues that may create imbalance. To achieve this goal the following methods can be used: meditation, awareness techniques, guided imagery, movement. Adjuvant therapies such as hydrotherapy, intravenous therapies, vitamin supplements, botanical medicine and homeopathy may be used in conjunction with the nutritional therapy or afterwards.


Not licensed through Gerson Institute?

There are a number of reasons as to why we are not licensed through the Non-Profit Gerson Institute Group in San Diego. The main concern is that Gerson Therapy claims to have treated and cured cancer. So stating the Gerson Therapy means that it is a treatment that cures cancer. This is not allowed in the US and does not have any double blind placebo controlled studies and millions of dollars spent to publish this type of work. So the FDA does not approve Gerson therapy or similar therapies for the treatment of cancer as well as other diseases. That is why most clinics go to Mexico. Another reason is that we also offer other treatments and modalities such as water fasting, juice fasting and customized cleansing programs.

We can offer the similar approach, and utilize the works of Dr. Max Gerson, use the same modality, offer the meals, juices and coffee enemas, but we are not allowed to use the name. We are not allowed to state that we are treating or curing cancer. Some of the medical staff and supportive staff have attended the Gerson Institutes educational and training programs, and the physician training module 1. The retreat group has been offering wellness retreats for the past 10 years. The doctors are Naturopathic Physicians that learn and a trained in this method of therapy and care. This is what we specialize in as well as work with each individual to customize the treatment, modalities and therapies that are right for them.

The doctors will order and monitor blood levels and have daily follow up consultations with each patient that comes to the retreat. We are here for you and we look forward to working with you towards a healthier tomorrow.

The Information contained on this website is for educational purposed only. We do not claim to cure any disease. We do not offer chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, of which cliam to treat and cure cancer. Our approach to health is through diet, nutritional and cleansing the body back to better health. Through this, the body and immune system will support the body to the level and ability that it can.

We see many patients come here and see great results with better health, vitality and longevity. Decreased pain and inflammation. Improvements in blood tests. Over all health and wellness. Better outlook and hope in life.

Booking Your Stay at the Retreat
Before participating in our residential health education program, we will need your Contact Information and Medical History Forms completed. This is done by downloading the forms, filling them out and sending them back to us via email or fax.
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Medical Release Form
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Step 2: Gather most recent medical records and blood tests.

Step 3: Submit the forms and medical records, and contact us for your free initial consultation.

Step 4: Confirm Dates and Pay Deposit. We will send you a confirmation email.

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Max Gerson: A Cancer Therapy
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